After returning home from Iraq in 2005, Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters' founder Scott found he had few places to go, to talk about what he had experienced.  One of the few people he could turn was his childhood friend Brian.  Scott and Brian spent most of their young adult lives together.  Once they graduated from high school in 2001, Brian enlisted in the Army and Scott went to college.  However, after the events of September 11th 2001, it wasn't long until Scott had signed up to serve as well.  Army service took them to different units and different countries, but when the dust had settled and they linked up again at home in the US, Brian was one of the few friends Scott had that he trusted still knew him and understood what he had experienced.  


Our inspiration for our mission, Brian | Afghanistan 2003


Brian and Scott spent many long nights talking about what they had gone through during their deployments. On a few occasions, they went to readjustment counseling together at a the VA.  They had completely different stories, but shared many of the same challenges and regrets from their time in the service. After some time, Scott moved away from home and Brian was there to help him as he stepped into a new chapter of his life. They didn't see each other as often anymore, but were sure to talk and reconnect in person as much as they could.


On an early February morning in 2013, Scott got a call that would change his life forever.  Brian had taken his own life the night before.  Brian was gone. There was nothing Scott could do to bring him back or tell him how much he meant to him and everyone else in his life.  It was crushing.  For years when Scott thought of him he would be overwhelmed with grief.  Scott could hardly bear to talk about Brian without breaking down except with the closest of friends that he knew loved and missed him too.  "I am still overwhelmed by grief when I think of my friend.  But I am also proud of him.  Proud of who he was, proud of his service to our country and thankful for the time we had together." Scott says 


One of Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters' Founders, Scott | Iraq 2005


In honor of Brian and all our Veteran brothers and sisters of every era we have lost to combat and the war within.  We honor their legacies of service and friendship with our work each day.  Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters and Freedom Hill Folk School were founded to build up lives, purpose and a love of living for those that have sacrificed so much for us all.  A portion of every sale and coffee subscription goes putting our Veterans to work and funding organizations serving our Veterans all across the country.  


Thank you for supporting Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters, helping to honor America's heroes, working with us to end Veteran suicide in America and giving back to those who have given so much for us all.




Employing Veterans and serving America's heroes through our charitable partnerships.  A portion of every sale goes to outstanding organizations on the front lines of serving our at-risk and disabled Veterans, ending Veteran suicide and helping Vets find their own peace and purpose after service.  Check out our Partners in Service to learn more.




Every item we sell puts Veterans to work in a supportive environment and supports Veteran-owned small business for less than the cost of premium grocery store coffee.  Our coffee subscriptions are an easy way to help Veterans with your morning coffee routine and make sure you never run out of fresh, premium coffee again.  Our gear and apparel honors our Veterans and First Responders in the community by building awareness and showing your support everywhere you go.  With your help, we're making a difference!